Picture of Simple Shoe Rack Free from Techshop Scaps
Here is a simple way to make a shoe rack.  I made this one at Techshop using all scrap wood.  Total Cost = Time + Some finishing nails.

My final design has a back board to protect the wall from shoe marks and direct, but you could mount these directly to the wall if you choose. 

Step 1: Step One Grab some Wood And Mark it

Picture of Step One Grab some Wood And Mark it
Grab some wood, measure it,  and mark it.

I found some scrap wood that was 7" tall and ???" long, (There just so happened to be a lot of 7" tall pieces of wood laying around.

I then measured in 2" and marked up 22.5 Degrees.

I then marked the rest of the wood 6 more times accordingly, or you can make your first cut and use that piece as a template for the rest.

Let's continue.

I really wanted a rack for next to the front door, but there wasn't a great deal of space. I looked all over and this best looking simplest sollution. I was quite pleased with the result. Thanks for the idea!

Shoe Rack2.jpg
Thanks. I think yours looks way better.