Picture of Simple Shoe Rack Free from Techshop Scaps
Here is a simple way to make a shoe rack.  I made this one at Techshop using all scrap wood.  Total Cost = Time + Some finishing nails.

My final design has a back board to protect the wall from shoe marks and direct, but you could mount these directly to the wall if you choose. 

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Step 1: Step One Grab some Wood And Mark it

Picture of Step One Grab some Wood And Mark it
Grab some wood, measure it,  and mark it.

I found some scrap wood that was 7" tall and ???" long, (There just so happened to be a lot of 7" tall pieces of wood laying around.

I then measured in 2" and marked up 22.5 Degrees.

I then marked the rest of the wood 6 more times accordingly, or you can make your first cut and use that piece as a template for the rest.

Let's continue.

Step 2: Saw Cut Saw

Picture of Saw Cut Saw
Position the saw to make your first angled cut. @ 22.5 Degrees.

Once you make the first cut you can stack them and make multiple layered cuts at the same time.

Center the Saw back to Zero for Straight lines and back to 22.5 if needed.

Step 3: Got Wood?

Picture of Got Wood?
Got some wood now right?  They all don't have to be perfect but they should be similar in pairs based on stacking and cutting two a time.

Lay out the angled pieces on your back board.

The backboard I grabbed was 17 & 1/4 inches and the angled pieces are 3/4 of an inch thick, so I ended up cutting my longer pieces to 15 & 3/4 inches.

I found more scrap wood that was 3" tall by ???" long.  So I cut  3x 15 & 3/4 inch pieces.

If you want to add a base to each holder for smaller items, sandels, magazines, etc. then cut some 2" pieces into 15 & 3/4" as well.

I really wanted a rack for next to the front door, but there wasn't a great deal of space. I looked all over and this best looking simplest sollution. I was quite pleased with the result. Thanks for the idea!

Shoe Rack2.jpg
cornelius3 (author)  TheSoberishHandyman11 months ago
Thanks. I think yours looks way better.