Picture of Simple Shop Storage Bins
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My shop is small, and all prime real estate has gone to new woodworking tools. When I finally realized it was time to get all the other stuff organized, I came up with a simple but inelegant storage idea. I bought a few milk crate type boxes, and turned them into sliding storage bins. The crates have a nice lip at the top, so all I needed to do was rout ledges in two 2x3 boards to make supports for the crates to side in,  and attach them under shop tables. Now I have large out-of the-way storage bins that can slide in and out as drawers, or be removed and carried to work locations. One is where I keep vacuum and clean up tools, another is for finishing supplies. A lot better than keeping this stuff on the floor.
BigMrTree2 years ago
Smart Idea!!
Bill WW (author)  BigMrTree2 years ago

Well, I had the bin and things to store. But sometimes small things fall thru the holes in the bin!

Just line the bottom of the bin with a piece of cardboard cut to fit.

Bill WW (author)  kygabaldon1 year ago

Thanks; I soon realized the obvious and did something like you suggest.

rimar20002 years ago
Nice work, Bill. I use PET bottles for little parts, as washers, screws, nuts, nails, etc.

Occasionally I must change them for larger containers, like those for 5 or 8 liters of water. Wires are a special case, too.
I like it... Real estate in my shop is very limited as well... I have used crates in the past, and they do work well, but the holes in the crates are so awkward. I at least place hardboard iN the bottoms and sometimes the sides.

Nice work!