This very simple organizer is a quick build and helps you keep track of drill bits, pens, pencils and any other long skinny objects, plus, it keeps clutter from accumulating on your shop table. It's easy to build and is fun to work on with someone who is just learning how to use shop tools (chop saw, drill press, table saw, etc). As always though, power tools are not toys so please wear safety equipment and exercise caution when using them.

Tools and supplies required:

1) glue spreader
2) drill
3) tape measure & ruler
4) latex paint
5) finishing saw
6) 1 1/2" screws
7) right angle or quick square
8) marker
9) pin nailer

(not pictured)
Compound mitre saw
Table saw
Drill press
Insulation foam/PL300 glue
Scrap 3/4 plywood
Scrap 3/4 trim

Step 1: Step One: Foam Block

I used PL300 Foam glue to stick two pieces of dense insulation foam together. When they were dry I cut the finished block into a small rectangle (you can choose a size that is suitable for your space - mine was approximately 7"x16").

On the bottom of the block draw a grid. I found 1"x1" squares to work well for me.

Using a 1/8 drill bit I drilled out holes where the grid crossed lines.
Try using different color tape on the non cutting part to mark metal/wood drill bits
Don't get injured when sharp edges are pointing towards operator. <br />
Brilliant and elegant.<br><br>I am making one tomorrow, though with my CNC machine, as I need all the organizational help I can get!! {Mess Monsters are always running amok in my studio!]<br><br>If you were closer, I'd give you free access to my CNC for posting this design.<br><br>PS. May just make an Instructable that shows how to do this with a CNC. <br><br>
I also made a similar Jig completely out of wood. I used a left over stair tread from a project I was working on 5/4 &quot; board 10&quot; X 12&quot; Used a pegboard to drill holes evenly and made the base a draw for small parts like blades for utility knife etc. Works out nicely.
This is nice! I made something similar years ago, but mine is really ugly, just a huge chunk of wood with many holes in it.

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