Introduction: Simple Slap Bracelet / Cycling Trouser Strap

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A simple strap made from an old tape measure to keep your pants out of the bicycle chain. This can also be made shorter and used as a slap bracelet.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

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1. Section of broken tape measure (about 20" long and 1" wide)

2. 1" tubular webbing 1/2" longer than the section of tape measure (make sure the tape fits inside the webbing before starting)


1. Hot knife to cut and seal the ends of the webbing

2. Scissor (cutting the tape measure will probable damage the scissors so choose accordingly, I did not use the ones in the picture)

3.Thin dowel to roll the tape measure over (I used a screwdriver)

4. Needle and thread to sew the webbing ends

Step 2: Cut the Tape Measure and Webbing

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CAUTION! The ends of the tape measure are extremely sharp, be careful when cutting and handling!

1. Measure the distance around your ankle with trousers on

2. Cut the tape measure to about 1.5X to 1.75X the measured distance

3. Cut the webbing to about 1/2" longer than the tape measure

4. Round the sharp edges on the tape using the scissors and possibly some fine grit sandpaper

Step 3: Form the Tape

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Roll the tape measure (numbered side out) over the thin dowel until it self winds. It should wind into a spool about 1" in diameter. Make sure not to kink the tape during this step as it will no longer go flat (gently bend the cup back into the tape if it will no longer stay flat when stretched out).

Step 4: ​Assemble and Seal

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1. Slide the tape into the tubular webbing

2. Cut and seal the ends of the webbing using the hot knife leaving enough material to sew the ends if desired

Step 5: Sew the Ends

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Sew the two ends using an overhand stitch

1. Start at one end of the cut and tie the thread

2. Pass the needle through the material, around the outside of the cut and back through the material. Continue stitching to the other end of the cut using this pattern (I did two passes).

3. Tie off and trim the ends of the thread


gustapimentel (author)2017-04-19

It''s a good idea!

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