Picture of Simple Sliding Knot Bracelet
Hi Everyone!  Ready for something quick and easy? In this Instructable, we will make a

Simple Sliding Knot Bracelet with an Antique African Coin

This bracelet is totally adjustable and can fit just about every wrist, depending on how much cord or string you use.

Step 1: Materials Used

Picture of Materials Used
For this project, we used 

One Yard of Leather Cord

One Antique African Coin 


I made this, the knots slid like they should but I couldn't slide them to make it small enough to fit my fiance's small wrists :(

scaso made it!3 months ago
Modified this design a bit to accommodate a small coin given to me by my girlfriend. It worked incredibly well. Thanks!
isuarez41 year ago
thank you! the illustration was a fantastic and indispensable part of this instructable.
cereste1 year ago
I altered the design but I can finally make my healing crystal bracelets thank you <3
Deadpool692 years ago
Hi Alisha,

My knot is stuck and cannot slide. How can I loosen or fix it?

alisha145 (author)  Deadpool692 years ago
Hi Deadpool,

If your knot is stuck, I would totally take the whole thing out and start over giving the knot a little slack as you tie it. Try tying and untying it a few times for practice. Once you get the bends down, you will find a snugness to your knot that will work just right for you :)

Deadpool692 years ago
i made one but the knot was too tight. How can i loosen it?
alisha145 (author)  Deadpool692 years ago
Hi Deadpool,

Is the knot stuck? Or just falling into place too high on your bracelet?

jneffster2 years ago
Hi, I have tried this a few times now and I cant seem to get it. Where is the coin when all this is happening? can you make a youtube video and post that here?
I am a crafty guy, but I cant get it.
alisha145 (author)  jneffster2 years ago
Hey Jneffster,

I know when I can't quite master something, I get a small group of friends together to work on a project all at once. We then share ideas and techniques and maybe someone might be able to help you get that knot down pat. Unfortunately, we aren't equipped with a recording device just yet in the shop but hopefully soon, we will be able to make tut vids! Let me know if you still have a hard time getting this to work for you and I'll see what I can do!

daleinmrtz2 years ago
Nice bracelet, but "antique african coin" ? It's dated 1989 !!!.
alisha145 (author)  daleinmrtz2 years ago
Oh no, I think my reply was deleted because it contained a link, but yes, the coin is tricky to see from the photo but it is dated 1939 :)

Ah dude..... that's a 3, not an 8. It's dated 1939 :)
Alex-95__2 years ago
Hey, nice work, this is so cool, but i was wondering what diameter of leather cord you used?

Thanks :D
alisha145 (author)  Alex-95__2 years ago
Hi Alex,

I believe the cord we used in the photo is about 1mm-1.5mm.

Ranie-K2 years ago
Great photos!
alisha145 (author)  Ranie-K2 years ago
Thanks Ranie!

Do you have any favorite photographers?

Wow -my courteous reply was deleted! It was TOTALLY nice! Anyway: Yes: My cousin is a very skilled professional: http://melgard.photoshelter.com/

Here's two other highly skilled people I know:

Solrun: http://solissacredotibus.deviantart.com/

Kjetil: http://artmanbarane.com/

And (of course) most the Magnum photographers are sooooo good!
alisha145 (author)  Ranie-K2 years ago
Hi Ranie,

Those photos your cousin took really hit me. Oooof. So well done. Seeing the softer, vulnerable side of humanity really gives you a sense of how breakable we really are. What kind of care facility is that? A hospital? Mental care ward?
artdreams2 years ago
Great photos, drawings worked perfectly, easy, clear instructions.
Nice job!
alisha145 (author)  artdreams2 years ago
Thank you artdreams! I'm glad the illustrations were clear, I was worried the double cord wouldn't be easy to see by the drawing but I guess it was :)

mattsinger2 years ago
Is there a size of leather cord that you recommend for the project? Thanks!
alisha145 (author)  mattsinger2 years ago
Hey Mattsinger,

I would say it depends on how chunky of a bracelet you want to wear. We use the smaller, thinner cord because we prefer the bracelet to be delicate and easier to stack with other bracelets for a layered look. If you would like to use a thicker cord so it becomes more a statement piece, I can totally see it working very well. How bout try it out with the thicker cord and send a photo of it to us at
alisha@kandubeads.com and let us know how you like it? If you think it's swag enough, we'd totally put what you made up on our facebook page too!

Two rolling hitch knots on the ends would probably use far less cord. They are easy to tie, untie, and hold very strong under tension. They would adjust very easily too. Well done, though.

In general this site is also a fantastic place to learn knots. 

alisha145 (author)  crazyndhed032 years ago
Hey Crazyndhed,

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll have to try it out. I love any jewelry that uses knots, decorative or practical. I just think it's so clever. I see the site you suggested says it's animated, omgosh! can't wait to look :):):)

ep1c r1ot2 years ago
Hey can you do this with paracord
alisha145 (author)  ep1c r1ot2 years ago
I'm sure it can be done. The key to this knot is making it snug enough to stay together, but loose enough to slide easily around the other strand. Give it a try and let me know how it works!
Gelfling62 years ago
I've seen similar done for adjusting a necklace, just overlapping the ends to eachother, so the knots would slide on the cord of the other knot. When I got a medallion made at a renaissance faire, (New York Renaissance Faire, Tuxedo Park, NY, USA Sorry, shameless plug, done on a 'DaVinci Hammer'), this was the method they attached the cord. The cord could then be adjusted to size, from a loose hanging, to a close choker style. and the knots would hold position, and never untie. Nicely done!!
alisha145 (author)  Gelfling62 years ago
Thank you Gelfling! There are so many interesting knots to be found at Ren Fairs. I just attended the Robin Hood Faire (http://robinhoodsfaire.com/) in Guilford, CT and was surprised to see a vendor carving celtic knots into rings! It was so delicate and intricate, I couldn't believe it was hand carved. Do you have a favorite decorative knot?


LOL! Well, if my finances weren't so frazzled, I'd be visiting that same faire myself. (used to be part of the front-gate crew at their faire out in Hebron.) As for a favorite, none really.. I used to do the rope tying class for the Fire Department, so know a few for either securing or hauling things to where you want them. Stephen
smileee22 years ago
Wow, I love that coin! Great tutorial. I've never used leather cording before, but you make me want to give it a go. Also love that it can be worn by both guys and girls. :)
alisha145 (author)  smileee22 years ago
Hi Smilee,

Thank you! We think the coins are neat too. There are so many of them all over the shop it's hard not to pick one up every now and again and just walk around with it in our hand. Leather cord is wonderfully supple and butter soft. It is a nice choice for light weight, flexible yet strong stringing material. What other kind of string have you used?

I like jute cording, but I still need to learn all the knots...something I've been wanting to learn how to do. I will have to try this one. Seems simple enough!
alisha145 (author)  smileee22 years ago
Hmm, Jute cord, haven't used that yet, I'll have to try. To make a recommendation about learning knots-- A really great book I use whenever I want to tie a useful knot is-

by Gordon Perry

This book is small in size so it fits in any travel bag, uses multiple colors for different cords so you don't get lost in the illustrations and it teaches decorative knots as well as practical knots. Good luck on your knot tying adventure!


Thanks, Alisha!
kbeads2 years ago
I love this easy tutorial. I want to make matching ones for my husband and me
alisha145 (author)  kbeads2 years ago
That would be so cute! Please feel free to email us with photos if you do and we will feature them on our Facebook page!