Introduction: Simple Slingshot

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A fun slingshot that only requires your hand, paper and an elastic! the model target in the picture i got it from an old nerf set. you can check my other intructables on how to make your own (coming soon).

Step 1: The Amo!

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To make the amo, or the darts, you need paper and scissors. Cut the paper in small strips then fold them in half. Folding is nesesary to fire!

Step 2: The Slingshot!

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The slingshot is real easy, its the band around your thumb and first finger!

Step 3: Loading!

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with the band on your fingers, place one paper on the first side, pull back, and fire!

Step 4: Extra!

you can make a game with targets with this! its great to play with friends! to make your own target, see my other instructable!
hope you had fun!                           -Blockheads_2


looop45 (author)2014-09-24

I knew people who put staples in the paper and then made their targets bleed.

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