Introduction: Simple Slip Knot

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This is your basic slip knot, I used a phone charger cord, because that was the only thing on hand.

Step 1: Basic Overhand

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Just like the title says, do a basic overhand knot.

Over the left.
Back under the left.

Step 2:

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Bring it under the right, then twist it around the right rope ONCE.
Then pull it up like the 3rd picture.

Step 3: PULL!!!

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Step 4: DONE!

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Done! now you have a slip knot!
It slips!


ethan_hair7 (author)2015-07-24

If you leave it like that it will cause a short in the cable.

darman12 (author)2012-09-19

Haha, I love how you used a USB cable!

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