Simple Slug Trap

I've taken this idea from some of the other contributors on this site. The very last photo shows my first attempt. I found this to be ok but not very effective. My method has less preparation and assembly work involved. It stops pets from drinking the beer and keeps out the rain. Materials and tools - empty soda bottles or plastic milk cartons and a marker if you want to be extra neat when making your cuts.

I made four traps and placed them in my garden. The next morning I had over sixty slugs and a dozen or so snails. I strained all the bottles, dumped the dead slugs and snails where the birds could get them and then reused the beer and the bottles. I get about three or four days use from one can of beer. One 500ml can will do three bottles.
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Step 1:

Cut a window in the bottle. Only make the cuts on three sides, leaving a flap of plastic still attached to the bottle.

Step 2:

Fold the flap of plastic inside the bottle.

Step 3:

Add beer to the bottle so that it's just below the window.

Step 4:

Place in the vegetable patch (or any area where you think slugs and snails may be hiding, eg around your garden shed).

Step 5:

When the beer gets mouldy, empty down drain or onto your compost heap, rinse, add more beer and replace in garden.
slugbell1 year ago
Thank you very much for your comment i hope your bottles all work out! xxx
slugbell1 year ago
Hi There

Whilst this is im sure an effective trap please look at this trap reqiures far less effort and is safe for all pets children and won't poision your soil! please take a look the slug bell is a lovely little product that is a pretty accessorie to your garden also.
Take a look at you will not be dissapointed
JKotWWW (author)  slugbell1 year ago
Forgot to say, I have passed your link on to my friends as I do think your product is great and some of them might be interested. Not everyone is like me and doesn't mind there garden littered with old plastic bottles :-)
JKotWWW (author)  slugbell1 year ago
Thank you for your comment. I've had a look at your product and while it is very pretty, and I'm sure very effective, I would need about a dozen of these for my garden. At approx 12 euros a pop I think I will stick with my free plastic bottles and cheap beer for now. All the best with your product, I'm sure it will be a hit for you.

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