Simple Small Solar Panel Installation




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Introduction: Simple Small Solar Panel Installation

i use 5w solar panel to charge 12v 7amp SLA battery and a charge controller, to run a 12v CFL bulb, and charge mobile phone using car charger adapter,, it cost me about 2500php.



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    I would rather invest in something long lasting rather than spend on something i know in a day or two will just fail. solar panels Philippines is a huge investment, but if it is of a good quality with warranty and after sales service, the investment is worth it.

    Ace don't even sell this in the U.S.. wish they did.

    my next plan is to buy more panels and battery so i can use power inverter and run some appliances! :p

    Ton, how much is that solar charge controller in Php and where did you buy it? Thnx

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    i buy it on ace solar tech at quiapo manila for about 750php only

    Gotta be Ace Hardware. Price?

    Commercial Solar Panels are Expensive!
    Fact: It will take you more than 10 years to pay back
    Solution: Using Surplus Solar Cells You can get pay back in 1-2 years
    There is an Engineer from Chicago his name is John Sommer
    He explain it All in his diy solar panels Blog Search for him using Google
    Type "top diy solar panels" Open the first Result.
    Note: Ignore the adds at the top.

    Great instructable, i have been doin a lot of research on solar and have begun my collection of panels, if you live in Canada anywhere near Toronto (save delivery charges) SAW Technologies is the place to get your panels, I got a 245W Panel with charge controller and wiring for less than you would normally pay for just a 70W panel, check them out send them an email for an entire price list and lets get off the grid!!


    awesome! congrats on publishing your first instructable. welcome :)

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    thank you,, i have other project about electronics,, soon i will also share, thank you