Introduction: Simple, Small and Non Turned Wooden Bowl

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I was cutting blanks for spoon carving with my table saw... then i suddenly got this idea.

I had made a blade guard holder from 22mm pipe to my saw.

I noticed that it fits inside to the handle of my angle grinder

Step 1: Carving...

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I clamped wood piece under the angle grinder.

And grinded the interior of the bowl with 40grit flapdisk.

Step 2: Outside...

Picture of Outside...

I cut the extra off with bandsaw, i could have used table-, jig-, or scrollsaw too, but i liked to do it this way.

I finished the outside shaping with drill powered sanding disk, i used 220 grit paper with it.

Step 3: Finishing..

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I sand the outer shapes smooth with sanding block and 320 grit paper.

I used masking tape roll as a sanding block to smoothen the interior.

Finally sanded it with 800 grit paper. Applied layer of varnish, after drying,

smoothened genty with 1000 grit paper and applied another layer of varnish.

Video shows the whole process.


JörgenBörg (author)2016-12-25

nice mate. i bought myself some grinding rasps to makes stuff like that.

offseid (author)2016-11-27

That's a fun little idea! Nice work.

Tuomas Soikkeli (author)offseid2016-11-27

Thank you. ?

Where that question mark came? Supposed to be smiley. :)

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