Simple Smartphone Wall Stand




Introduction: Simple Smartphone Wall Stand

if u think keeping the phone near to your head it may cause radiation but if u try to keep it safe and good you are in need of a stand but ..............

don't worry about money u don't need it in any way

just follow these simple steps....................

Step 1: Step 1

its a simple phone stand it requires

1. a small box enough with size to have your phone inside.

2. tranparent plastic sheet

3. transparent tape

4. scissors

5. in need a little amount of gum

6. double side tape

Step 2: Step 3

take the box and find wether it fits to your phone and then cut through and paste the transparent sheet so to look like the one in the image...................

Step 3: Step 4

then make a small hole enough to make a charger pin move into the box and then make the phone getting pinned to the phone and look the image for the reference.

Step 4: Step 5

then make the back of the box with double side tape stick on the back of the box as image shows............



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