Simple Smiling Bench!

Picture of Simple Smiling Bench!
Hello! This is my first instructable in a long time and I tried my best using my skills!
I made this bench cause I felt like my room needed more PIZAAAZ.
And I needed something I can sit on while using my laptop and so it needed to be portable and small.
I've been sad for a long time so I thought the smiley face would help also!

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Picture of THINGS YOU'll NEED
I needed a couple things for this project and I had everything in my house!
-A couple pieces of rope
- A Saw
-Needle and thread
-Spray Paint
And I think that's about it!
Always remember safety first so have some goggles, gloves, and long sleeves!

Step 2: Cutting the wood!

Picture of Cutting the wood!
I have a lot of wood in my shed and I decided to use a long piece, about 6 feet in length, and 1 foot in width.
I cut it into 4 pieces and left 1 for a mod later on if I wanted to add a back piece.
I put it on a clamp and measured 1.5 feett in each piece. Then I marked it with a line.
With the help of my uncle I sawed each piece down! 
I filed and sanded the sides down cause getting splinters isn't fun. ;-;

Step 3: Nailing!

Picture of Nailing!
I nailed one piece to the other.
I put 3 nails in 2 of the sides.
And I made sure the top was not in between the two pieces and I nailed it in there.
This was the hardest part for me!
joshr1231 year ago
Next time miter the edges to make get rid of the rough end grain

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