This is a simple cooking tool that can be used for when families go camping or go on a picnic without something to cook your food. It can be built in a matter of fifteen minutes. if built correctly, it can work perfectly and then also, instead of being a big heavy oven, it is very light and protable.

Submitted by Powell Middle School for the Instructables Sponsorship Program.

Step 1: Materials List

Material List:
1 medium cardboard box
1 30 inch piece of tin foil
4 small paperclips
2 small nails
1 large paper plate
1 12 inch sheet of plastic wrap to protect your food from bugs (Or an alternitive would to put the food in a plastic bag, with or without the plate. Your choice)
2 6 inch pieces of Duck Tape
1 Pair of Scissors
1 Tape Measure,Ruler, or Yard stick
1 Thermometer (If needed to check if your food is hot enough to be cooked)
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<p>Very Simple and easy!!! What about using a Work boot box? These are usually hinged rather than having to cut the box and unfold it. You can still line the box with the tin foil. and use the nails to adjust the angle of the top and for securing the oven for transport.</p>

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