Picture of Simple Soldering Wand Stand
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
14, 9:06 AM.jpg
1. Block or wood
2. Big thick non insulated wire
3. Drill same size as wire
4. Soldering wand/pen/iron
2. Two big screws

Step 2: The Base

Picture of The Base
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For the base I just used a simple little piece of wood nothing special.

Step 3: Wire Holder

Picture of Wire Holder
14, 9:06 AM.jpg
14, 9:06 AM.jpg
14, 9:06 AM.jpg
To get the wire spirals I used a ward rake handle and wind it around it. Making one side wider and taller than the other.

Step 4: Cord Holder

Picture of Cord Holder
This where we use the two screws you need to place then about two inches apart and then you can wrap the cord around them.

Step 5: Finished

Picture of Finished
Now your soldering wand holder is complete.

Also if you would like to se me make some thing please tell me.
zachary phillips (author) 11 months ago
I really like that idea, I might have to try to do something similar.
pfred211 months ago

Looks good. Here's one I made a long time ago. The one on the left obviously.

zachary phillips (author) 11 months ago
I decided I needed a stand*
zachary phillips (author) 11 months ago
We'll I just got the wand the other day and set it down one moment and it had burned a piece of wood so I decided u needed stand.
Kozmicblues6911 months ago

Good idea! I'll need one of this because in a few days I'm going to start soldering a guitar and my soldering wand will live in my desktop! Thanks for share it!