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Introduction: Simple Sous Vide

I have no idea why I waited so long to make a sous vide cooker.  My life has been changed and I've found salvation!  There's nothing terribly new about this implementation and its a simple rework of most of the other DIY soud vide machines around the internets.  The build is relatively easy and involves little more than wiring the part together.  Cost came in around $100 and certainly some parts could be sourced cheaper.   Its based around the Light Object JLD612 PID timer and a simple crockpot.  There are several variations that incorporate the heating element directly into the design, but I wanted something more flexible.  By building the controller as a stand alone box, I'll be able to use it with different crockpots, rice cookers and electric smokers.    The only real reason for this Instructable is to hopefully provide some more pictures and fill in some of the gaps for someone else looking to build their own device. 



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    The way you designed the controller box is gorgeous and really smart. :D

    I like it! I've been trying to get around to doing something like this for awhile. I love it when I can buy all the special parts from one place.

    Outstanding job on the project but a little more written instruction and parts list would Be helpful to those who do not design / wire this type of thing for a living (I do).
    Great job What time is dinner ? :-)

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    I considered it, but the project is fairly derivative and I was only hoping to show a few more angles, hookups and fill in the gaps that I had to make up on my own. I figure that if you set out on the adventure of building a SV, you'll take time and do the research. I think I managed to look at every single build that's published on the web before settling on this design!

    I meant no disrespect most of the information is there in the photo highlights it was just hard to find. I like to start with the a parts / tool list. I was talking to a friend about doing this at his restaurant, he is up for it and if things go well you may be eating dinner with me in brooklyn :-)

    I just want to discuss further the temp of the SCR. When you stated that them temp was low, were you checking the "top" of the SCR or the base?

    The base is the heat transfer system. It is what needs to be mounted to a heat sink. Granted if the "top" of the SCR is as cool as you state the base probably isn't too hot.

    Also during initial heat up the SCR load factor will be higher than at equilibrium even with PID control.

    I offer these comments without ridicule. Please allow them for those viewing your Instructable that are not as well versed as you.

    This can be a very dangerous way to cook food, as the temperatures are too low to kill botulism spores, even when carried out correctly. Please be careful, and avoid feeding such food to pregnant women in particular.

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    Pregnant women are dangerous in their own right. Cooking SV is no more dangerous than traditional cooking, but you do need to get real friendly with the FDA guidelines that incorporate temperature and time in the equation for preparing meats.  Food is still safe at lower temps as long as it is held there long enough.

    Any way of cooking can be dangerous if you dont cook it properly! SV cooking is safe and is used commercially exstensively! Just follow the guidelines and take the normal food prep and cooking precauctions.

    I agree this is likely to cause a fire as the solid state relay gets HOT! It should be mounted on a suitable heatsink to avoid premature failure of a costly electronic device.

    Regardless of the method, one should follow recommended cooking temperatures and times relative to their dish. Sous vida is not dangerous when carried out correctly, in fact, it allows some certainty as it allows for a specific set point on the temperature.

    Very attractive and I'm sure a fun project,but I just got a complete plug and play controller by Dorkfood(no,really)from Amazon.It works great.Not as pretty though!

    As to botulism,If you'll do some research you'll be reassured that it's not a problem.

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