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Introduction: Simple Spiral Blossom

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Each of these naive drawings started off as a simple spiral.

I can't draw so I created this type of flower to use when I need to embellish my craft or art works.

It's very easy, so follow me.

[Note]  I have delibrately left the drawing, as is, to show how to draw "casualy" till you get the look.
           Then you can neaten and generally clean up your image.

Step 1: Spiral

TOOLS:    Pencil and Paper.

Draw a simple spiral in freehand, It can be quite "wobbly" it will be ok.

[Note]  I am using pens to show you, more clearly, how it's done.

Spiral shown here in Black.

Step 2: Add Curved Lines to Spiral

Start at the centre of the same spiral, add curved connecting lines between the spirals "rings".

[Note]    If your aiming for a natural look don't make your lines too neat or regular.

Curved connecting lines shown here inorange.

Step 3: Add Petal Shapes

Go over the same curved lines and add extra petal shapes.

[Note]    Make these lines smaller in the inner spiral and get bigger as you reach the outside spiral . Again don't be too neat or regular .

Petal shapes shown here inBlue.

Step 4: Try These Variations

Try these variations:

- Start your spiral off-centre.
- Put a small spiral on top of a bud shape.
- Make the petal shapes bigger and looser.

[Note]   Soften the look. Make the lines blur, blend and overlap each other to develope the look your after.
              Use a pencil till you get the look and go over it in another medium, pens, crayon, etc.




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    This is really effective... I always struggle with rose drawings; I'll have to try this. Thanks for the ideas:)

    3 replies

    Thanks for your comment. I didn't call them roses because I thought that would be too presumptious.

    Oh, these are definitely rosy! Love them!

    You made me smile, thank you.

    Wow! These are beautiful! Roses are always really hard to draw and this makes it gorgeously simple!

    2 replies

    Glad you enjoyed them. Go for it.

    I will!!!!!

    My pleasure. I draw every day but they tend to be very abstract. Please have a look at all my posts to see what I mean. (I mean the pictures posted amongst my comments and one of my Ibles. Art >.How colour affects your mood) . craftyv

    Thank you very much. They are very basic as you see but I keep on having a go.