Introduction: Simple Street Lamp With Paper

Simple street lamp with page & some electronic components

I used for night lamp, also can use decorate your home or anywhere you want

Power by 5v usb cable

Detail all steps, you can watch video

Step 1: The Road

Picture of The Road

You need A4 paper high thickness with black paint for make ground

(paper high thickness use only for make ground)

Road Lines, make paper pieces with size

1.5 x 3cm (x5)

0.7 x 2cm (x3)

apply to ground by double sided tape or glue

Materials :

- A4 paper high thickness

- A4 paper normal

- Black paint & Paintbrush

- Double sided tape

- Paper Glue

Step 2: Street Light

Picture of Street Light

This step for make street light, with frame is paper and light by led 1w

single core copper wire is important for stable frame

Materials :

- Led chip 1W

- single core copper wire (copper diameter 0.6mm)

- 33 ohm Resistor

- Heatshrink Tube

resistor for limit current and heat of led, also change brightness

1 ohm is best for max brightness

Step 3: Traffic Light

Picture of Traffic Light

Next for make traffic light, i use led 3mm (red, green, yellow)

frame still by paper

Materials :
- Led 3mm (red, green, yellow)

- normal copper wire

- 10k Resistor (x2)

- 20k Resistor

- Heatshrink Tube

- Prototype board

Step 4: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

Put street light & traffic light at position you want, make holes on road for wire can through

And use tape, glue make stable position for light and wire

Then solder for group wire (+ -) of street light & traffic light

USB cable cut wire green and white, use only red (+) and black (-)

Solder again for group all wire, don't forget add other A4 paper for cover and protect wire

Step 5: Complete & Test

Picture of Complete & Test

Power with 5V from adapter or USB port of desktop, laptop, powerbank


db9pz (author)2017-05-18

this should be an easy way to buildt street- and traffic-lights for a railway-modell. (HO ; 1:87) When using a micro-controller vor the traffic-lights, it will be perfect ! Greetings from Germany

Jakes workshop (author)2017-05-18

looking sweet !

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