Simple Super-Macro/Microscope Webcam Conversion


Step 6: Some fun pictures

Picture of Some fun pictures
The pictures you can take are a totally different scale to any normal cameras ability, things look totally different when you can see them at such a huge magnification. If you can get a nice sample you should be able to see individual cells quite easily!

The images are of the edge of a 5p coin, the pixels on my camera's display and some paper!
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Awesome instructable!!! I am making one called "how to make a PowerPoint sprite battle" Don`t get mad at me about it just because it has no photos
diolola4 years ago
Hi Zephyris,
I have a 4 year old webcam and wanted to use it to experiment by your 'tibles. How can we connect this to the laptop I have through USB, does this requires a driver or not. I have no idea of these things, so please bear with my innocence.
Thanks a lot.
Zephyris (author)  diolola4 years ago
As NostalgicStone says you almost certainly will need a driver which will depend on the webcam model...

As for software I would recommend "YawCam", it is free with a lot of useful features.
Mig Welder4 years ago
nice 'ible! I'm definitely going to try this.

Did you take those pictures in the previous steps?! Those have to be some of the best DIY pics I've seen. Most I've seen are crooked, out of focus, and with really weird lighting!
Zephyris (author)  Mig Welder4 years ago
Of course I took those pics! I am quite anal when it comes to presenting things well :)  I should make an instructable on it!