I wanted to make a family of mice for a dolls house / box house that I am going to make for my babies to play with, When I was small my auntie had a mouse house that we loved to play with and I wanted to recreate my own version for my kids and me to enjoy, This is an instructable for the mouse I have made, its really simple but very cute,
I have had guidance from my three year old boy while I was making it telling me when the mouse needed arms and legs and finally demanding what he calls a SOOP, (this is what he calls a super costume cape and mask) essentially this is how to make the mouse its self that can be dressed how ever you want with all number of accessories, I will however add the accessories to make this one a super mouse as this is what my little man really wanted :)

Pictures show the mouse after and before the accessories also show the first mouse all one colour except feet just to show you options.

Step 1: What You Need

For this project you will need:-

Paper :-ideally grease proof to make the pattern for the mouse
Card :-(should you want to create a more robust pattern that can be used multiple times and is easier to draw round this is what I have done as I am not stopping at one)
Felt :- I used a wool mix felt but there are other fabrics that will work, anything that is not stretchy 
Dimensional Fabric Paint :- I used this for the eyes as I had no suitable beads and it worked well.
Embroidery Silk :- This is for stitching the noes, But I plated the Embroidery silk for the tail as well, you could use cord or wool for the tail tho
Some Stuffing :- I used some out of an unused pillow as the mouse seemed a more fun use of it, :)
Needle and Cotton :- Matching the felt if you can I was a bit low on colours so made best of what I had.

you will also need pen / pencil, scissors, pins and maybe glue if you haven't got the patience to fiddle stitching the arms and feet on, I didn't have a glue that was safe for my kids so I have stitched everything and its not too bad just takes more time. 

Too cute!
it's awesome!!!'thanks for sharing!
I wish I had your talent for making such adorable, elegantly simple designs. My stuff always turns out too complicated (and my kids tend to prefer the simple lines and faces). If you lived closer, I'd tell you to come over to our house some time so we could make stuff for our kids together (I have some recycled cashmere that I felted, wonderful for plushies). <br> <br>Great instructable, like all your others! :)
I had not thought of it as a talent but thank you :) I like simple, makes things quicker when I only have a few hours to spend, but I have just bought a sewing machine so I may attempt some things that are a little more intricate as the sewing machine will speed up the construction bits rather than always hand sewing, It would be wicked to have some one to make stuff with my husband isn't creative in the slightest, but you are far from a quick bus trip away :) I just been looking at your makes on here there are some beautiful and cute ideas on here you have a lot of talent too, I have a little boy who would love the cars bracelet, :) I don't know how to felt stuff but I have been looking for a while for something soft to make cuddly things out of I like baby velour and baby cord but I get most of my stuff off ebay or as free samples from shops and I am yet to buy any as nice as the baby grows I have cut up, :)
I love this mouse! He is so cute! <br>sunshiine
Cute! Now just stuff with catnip. :)
Iove it! We could all use a SOOP. Can't wait to see more!
definitely,I'm sure it would make my house work more fun, :)
That is so adorable! Wonderful idea :)
i thought u meant a computer mouse haha
oooops, :)
Oh my goodness!!! So cute, and a fantastic tutorial too :D
My little man thinks so too, Thank You :)

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