Simple Survival Paracord Lanyard's





Introduction: Simple Survival Paracord Lanyard's

Here are two of my back of lanyard's that I have laying around. They both contain a little over 8ft of 550lb Paracord using a cobra weave, not to bad to have with you when in a survival situation.



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where is the tutorial?

It looks great, but where is the tutorial?

what will it help you survive from? it is too short to be used for anything except a key chain.

when the paracord is unraveled there's over 8ft of cord, so if in a survival situation 8ft of paracord might be useful..and with paracord there's numerous smaller threads inside the outer-casing that can also be used giving you even more cordage to use. So I say it's very useful!!!

Ok tnx for reply but i still dont get it because it will take a while to unravel it and in a survival situation you have to have quick thinking and quick movements to survive.

Most survival isn't split seconed decisions. Slow and steady wins the race. There are plenty of aspects or survival that this could be used in, even with the unraveling time.

Well by "survival" means making shelter and hunting, but you dont neccisarily need to unravel it in a minute because survival is different from self defence.