Picture of Simple Sweat-Shirt String Solution
Some people have an odd sense of humor. Some people find it funny to pull out other people's sweatshirt strings when their not looking. Being in Middle School, this is an extremely prevelent "joke". I love wearing Sweatshirts, especcially ones with strings. In this instructable I turned one of my marching band sweatshirts into an "un-de-string-able" sweatshirt in a few easy steps.

Step 1: String the Sweatshirt

Picture of String the Sweatshirt
Take a string that you like (I used a golden one from an old sweatshirt that I liked) and thread it through the sweatshirt.
letecia1 year ago
Ist it sewn at the crest of the hoodie? it is unclear by your pics and description - i think i just figured it out...
i would sew it there. some hoodies these days come pre-stitched at the top. i personally rip them out lol. but if youd like to change the colors of the ropes you can always attach a safety pin to one end and wiggle it like an inch worm through the hoodie holes to the other side and pull it out :)
letecia1 year ago
Would it stay in if just sewn up on one side- then still remains adjustable???