I love swim vests. They provide great support and they look good (what more could a person want in a swim suit?). Unfortunately finding swim vests is fairly difficult and the ones I do find are usually out of my budget. Luckily with a simple vest pattern, some time, and fabric anyone can make a simple yet functional swim vest.

Step 1: Supplies

Along with basic sewing skills you will need a few supplies.


Swim suit fabric




Piping (it makes it look more professional)


Swim suit liner ( I would recommend it)

Sewing machine (It makes the whole process a lot faster)

<p>uh, whats a swim vest for? when you dont have a swimming outfit?</p>
<p>A swim vest , I think they are usually called zip front tankinis, is just another type of swim suit top. It covers up a bit more than a regular bikini top without covering up everything like a onepiece does.</p>
<p>Cute, I love the collar! Swimsuits that cover up more are great for protecting your skin but it's hard to find ones these days that are more than 3 or 4 small triangles of fabric.</p>

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