The easiest and most affordable way to tag your objects.It will be a good idea to tag your Christmas gifts too. Enjoy

Step 1: Materials Needed:

1- Any printer
2- A sponge
3- A computer :P
4- A sticky paper

Step 2: Sticky Paper

Pick up all the sticky part of the paper as shown in the image. And keep that smooth part.

Step 3: Printing

Put the paper in your printer.
Turn on the computer.
Choose the desired image.
Customize the image and print it.

Step 4: Sponge It!!

Now pick the sponge and squeeze it on the image printed (you must be accurate)
The ink will stay on the sponge

Step 5: Tag It

Squeeze that sponge on the desired object gently
Uhhuuu, You just tagged it.

Step 6: Suggestions

I know it is not the perfect way to tag things but it is really a easy and funny way to tag things.
I accept suggestions :)
By the way it's my first instructable :D
<p>wonderfull idea it would be great on the gifts :D</p>
Awesome idea dude !!
nice idea, wonder if you did this on fabric like a T-shirt if it would be permanent. suppose you could reverse the image on your computer and print it then place the paper onto a T-shirt and the reversed image would transfer correctly. maybe a cool steam iron would help?
yes it wotks too but depending on the ink after washing it will be erased....I think using a laser printer will resolve the problem maybe!!

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