This instructable will show you how to make a taser for about $5. I will show you, in as much detail as I can give, how to make one of these. THIS INSTRUCTABLE IS FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE COMPLETLY LOST WHEN IT COMES TO THESE THINGS! if you know what you're doing, you're wasting your time. You will need to know how to solder (even if you're not good at it).

Step 1: What You Will Need

Nothing special or expensive.

1)toggle on/off switch
2)normally open push button switch
3)any type or size of wire (thinner is recommended however)
4)cheap disposable camera
best guide ever!!!!! pls do one with glove and be sure to inform me
Glad you like it! Unfortunately, I burned mine (wanted to up the voltage). But if you built one, it would simply be a matter if insulating the board and hiding it in the glove, with the wires poking out at the fingertips..
Hi I make circuit like that but, how you know if this is no dangeros? how I can know the curent of my circuit? best regards,
I learned the hard way; by sticking my finger between the contacts (ouch it HURTS!!!!). In order to step up the voltage, the circuit needs to step down the amperage, and a AA battery doesn't supply much current to begin with, so you should be okay (except for the pain. Seriously, you can feel the voltage crawling up your arm!). Of course don't shock the elderly, people with heart or muscle problems, or people with pacemakers or other electronic equipment in their bodies. To measure current, you need a multimeter that can measure current.
how to make a different taser:<br /> 1.Open dollar store alarm<br /> 2.cut the two reed switch (metal flaps)<br /> 3.cut off to circular&nbsp;ceramic disc capacitors (flat brown things)<br /> 4.cut one of the wires on the piazo transducer (big disc)<br /> 5.this is the high voltage wire.<br /> <br /> NOTE: skip step 2 for a automatic door taser<br />
cool i did not know you could use a camera
you should keep the capacitor in for peaple you dont like or just to scare off peaple you could wire the power switch to short out the capacitor when you turn it off and another switch to for high and low power nice instructable very thorough
Simple easy to follow new way to box a great (not a) toy. I like it :)

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