Simple Tasty Lemon Curd





Introduction: Simple Tasty Lemon Curd

Make fabulous tasty lemon curd with just lemons, eggs and suggar.
Original recepie - Frida Freeman lemon curd.

Step 1: Ingredients

2 Eggs
2 Lemons
8 Oz (225 grams) Sugar

Those are the basic ingredients, in this instructable I used x4 multiplier (8 eggs, 8 lemons, ...) because I had a ton of lemons and I wanted to give all my friends a lot of curd.

Step 2: Grating the Lemons

Grate the lemons

Step 3: Squeeze the Juice

Squeeze the juice out of the grated lemons

Step 4: Throw It All in a Pan

Take all the ingredients and throw them in a pan. Beat the eggs first (yellow and white together).

Step 5: Stir on Lowest Fire

Start stirring everything together without fire at first.
Then put it on the lowest fire possible and keep stirring until it turns thick.
Never stop stirring - it might take an hour and a half too.
If you stop stirring it might burn or pieces of omelette might start to appear...

Step 6: When Is It Ready ?

While stirring you can bring the fire up a little (still using the smallest gas ring in the oven) for a few minutes and then bring it back down to lowest flame.
You will feel the liquid starting to get thick.

You will start seeing a thin layer of small white bubbles on the surface when it's ready.
Also, after it thickens, try to taste the layer that forms around the edges of the pan - that is the thickest part - that should give you an idea how it should taste in the end.

Step 7: Pour Into Jars and Put in the Fridge

After it's done, close the fire and let it settle in the pan for a few minutes so it cools off a little.
Pour it into jars - let it cool off and put in the fridge.
After its cold - spread on bread and eat - yummy !!!!



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    lol! pieces of omelette might appear??? :) thats crazy.

    FYI, i had it in my fridge for a month and a half and still was good !

    I made this. Is gorgeous. Good work

    Tell me ... do you water these lemons with water from your washing machine ? they seem so big ...

    This seems like a great idea! Lemon curd is normally so very expensive, and this recipe is a small enough batch that it could be made over a weekend. Now to dig up my raspberry tart recipe, maybe I'll actually remember to post it on here!

    Yum! I love the little containers in the last picture.

    I have never heard of this, but it sure looks tasty! Is the egg cooked or is it still raw? I'm asking because eggs over here sometimes have salmonella problems, so I can't use raw eggs here.

    2 replies

    Joe Martin is correct, the eggs are put in raw into the pan, but they get cooked while you stir them. I too, am very conscience regarding uncooked eggs - I know they pass UV before distribution to eliminate salmonella.

    Note the picture of the eggs in pan with the juice, rind and sugar. And then it's put onto the heat. Yes the eggs are cooked ;-) Oh and this is crying out for a lemon meringue pie followup!

    Usually recipes calling for grated citrus peel warn you not to include the white part of the rind because it is very bitter. Is that the case in this recipe, too?

    1 reply

    there is no problem grating the white part a little too - the taste is the same.

    Thanks all for all the comments, I fixed the spelling issues. And now I am 12 hours after the curd cooled in the fridge, i spread it on bread, mmmmmmmm I am sure the amount won't last more than a couple of weeks.

    This is how my grandma made the best lemon meringue pie. Well done!!!

    "Squeeze the juice out of the graded lemons" I think you made a typo.

    1 reply

    I believe he meant "grated" in the step before it should say "grate the lemons".

    I've never heard of this before, so you spread it on bread, like jam I guess. Sounds tasty!

    Look very tasty but I would vacuum seal the lid when it is hot and let it cool with no germs inside to inc the shelf time (or fridge time). Good work DARDASABA!

    Yeah, I've done this it works really well. Very nicely presented. L