Step 2: Preparing

Open the door about 1"-2" or just enough so the end tennis ball wont fall through and lay the tennis ball at the edge like in the picture.

Step 3: Add more on!

Picture of Add more on!
Begin slowly placing more and more tennis balls along like in the picture

Step 4: Almost done!

Picture of Almost done!
It should look like this when you have all of the tennis balls along the top of the door

Step 5: A few notes

Picture of A few notes
  • You will only be able to fit a certain amount of balls on the door.
  • In this picture alot of balls fell off the door because there were too many on there!
  • Try and fit as many on as you can, but dont be too ballsish! (Pun intended)

Step 6: Now wait!

Wait for your victim to walk through the door or just shout them through to the room you're in and watch them get showered with tennis balls!

Happy pranking!
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hahahahahahahahaha this is so cool its so funny
thegeekkid2 years ago
I love that cat pictures... they were a nice touch! :)
Hiyadudez (author)  thegeekkid2 years ago