Hello all! In this video I'll walk you through one of the more fun pieces of terrain, rocks! You can make make them out of foam-board, but if your not into that, I'll show you how to do it with a wonderful (and free!) material thats all around us, tree bark! Sound strange? wait and see the results!

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Back in 2008 I did an instructable (my first and probably best) of <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Mini-Island-Gaming-Terrain/" rel="nofollow">Mini Island Gaming Terrain</a> for the (now defunct) game of Pirates of the Spanish Main.<br> This is a nice addition to the gaming community and I hope more people start creating their won terrains for every game to make them more dynamic and less predictable.<br> Plus it's fun, creative and in some cases helps recycle materials.<br>
I couldn't agree more, DIY terrain is awesome and I feel that it allows a greater sense of creativity then just painting the prefabricated models often used in games!
Check out this blog, he does some creative stuff. http://terrainforhippos.blogspot.com/
<p>Hi, I'm new to all of this but really want to start making my own terrains. What type of paint did you use? Also, (dumb question =P ) how did you get the highlighting technique? It looks fantastic, really well blended, I just wondered if you have any tips on how to get it looking that good? Thanks! Jade</p>
in the beginning of all your videos you show a blue and gold character, which one is that?

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