Simple Terrain: Rock Formation





Introduction: Simple Terrain: Rock Formation

Hello all! In this video I'll walk you through one of the more fun pieces of terrain, rocks! You can make make them out of foam-board, but if your not into that, I'll show you how to do it with a wonderful (and free!) material thats all around us, tree bark! Sound strange? wait and see the results!

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    Back in 2008 I did an instructable (my first and probably best) of Mini Island Gaming Terrain for the (now defunct) game of Pirates of the Spanish Main.
    This is a nice addition to the gaming community and I hope more people start creating their won terrains for every game to make them more dynamic and less predictable.
    Plus it's fun, creative and in some cases helps recycle materials.

    I couldn't agree more, DIY terrain is awesome and I feel that it allows a greater sense of creativity then just painting the prefabricated models often used in games!

    Check out this blog, he does some creative stuff.

    Hi, I'm new to all of this but really want to start making my own terrains. What type of paint did you use? Also, (dumb question =P ) how did you get the highlighting technique? It looks fantastic, really well blended, I just wondered if you have any tips on how to get it looking that good? Thanks! Jade

    in the beginning of all your videos you show a blue and gold character, which one is that?