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Introduction: Simple Throwing Knife

I'm sure I'm not the only one who after watching "The Expendables 2" movie felt a undeniable urge to have a throwing knife to mess around with! The movie having boosted my violent tendencies I proceeded to make myself a basic throwing knife.
(No, I did not magically turn myself into a knife, I meant that I built/machined/crafted one :P)

The knife has a pointed end, but no blade. So its pretty safe to throw even for Newbs (Me). I think I used mild steel to make it, though I'm not gonna bet my life on that.

I have a lot of spare time on my hands so after I made the knife I decided to make a sheath, just for the fun of it! . Anyway here's what became of my urge, it's not pretty, but it works really well.

When I make another I'll post a instructional Instructable, in mean time here's a good website! (I will definately be making another, the first is so awesome! :D)

Thanks for reading (If you even read all of that -.-)
Comment, Rate, Subscribe and Happy birthday! :D



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It would be interesting if you make some extra knifes and a bullseye. Pretty funny! I love the movie and your knife!

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Yeah! I plan on making some more and I loved the movie, all my favorite actors in one movie!

cool beans I hop you post more

Do a tutorial! People will love you!

Ill have to make one of those when I get time off of school, nice sheath looks great

you mentioned that you think it was mild steel .. where did the metal come from (what was it before you made it into a throwing knife)? Maybe we can figure out what kind of metal you used.

BTW great job on the sheath. it looks really good. you should do an IBLE for it.

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It's the same material is in angle iron... Not sure if that helps? Thanks! I'll have to do that when I get time. :)

if it is angle iron then that is what is called structural steel.

Depending on what type of angle iron it is it can be;
carbon steel,
quenched and tempered steel,
high strength low alloy steel,
or corrosion resistant high strength low alloy steel.

Thanks, is that courtesy of Wikipedia?

wikiwhat? *shoves his hands in his pockets, turns around and strolls away whistling a jaunty tune*

Hahaha. Copy and paste buddy! Nice.

Thanks man! :)