A simple tilting router insert, which fits into the extension table of my table saw.

<p>Just making my router table right now. In the corners you added the screws to adjust the height of the plate? If yes. What I did, just made the hole thirst. After that putted two acrylic plates near each other and pressed the router (with the bit) between them until it touched the table. Then I did the landing for a plate. Worked like magic.<br>Now, where did you get the tilting mechanism? How do you work with that? How do you lifting the router? Will this tilting device work with MasterCraft router?</p>
<p>I always enjoy watching your videos, they are clear, and clever.</p><p>Thank you!</p>
<p>You should hear my wise cracks!</p>
You do some really good work, my friend. I always enjoy your videos.
<p>Many thanks!</p>

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