Step 10: Tip #5: Turn Off Start-up Programs (cont.)

Next you need to start up the configuration tool. See the Run dialog box this will help you start up the tool.
Another good tip is to disable your background and have a simpler theme.
If you believe there's value in defragmenting your disks you should do it ''after'' you've removed unnecessary software. <br /><br />L<br /><br />
True<br />
Some people say that since storage is cheap (generally) there's little value in removing unused data and defragmenting. After all it's in freeing-up space that fragmentation occurs. <br />?<br />Getting rid of the aesthetics is a definite good move though.<br /><br />L<br />
I just do it so I can watch the colored blocks move around, so soothing<br />
i know exactly what you mean, but unfortunately i have Win 7 and it doesnt have the the little bars, so all i can do is wait, un-entertained
I&nbsp;do to, get http://www.mydefrag.com/<br />
<p>Kuhl! Danke!</p>
Ooh, too much time on your hands...<br /><br />L<br />
thats a very valid point<br />

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