Step 10: Tip #5: Turn off Start-up Programs (cont.)

Next you need to start up the configuration tool. See the Run dialog box this will help you start up the tool.
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Another good tip is to disable your background and have a simpler theme.
If you believe there's value in defragmenting your disks you should do it ''after'' you've removed unnecessary software. <br /><br />L<br /><br />
True<br />
Some people say that since storage is cheap (generally) there's little value in removing unused data and defragmenting. After all it's in freeing-up space that fragmentation occurs. <br />?<br />Getting rid of the aesthetics is a definite good move though.<br /><br />L<br />
I just do it so I can watch the colored blocks move around, so soothing<br />
i know exactly what you mean, but unfortunately i have Win 7 and it doesnt have the the little bars, so all i can do is wait, un-entertained
I&nbsp;do to, get http://www.mydefrag.com/<br />
<p>Kuhl! Danke!</p>
Ooh, too much time on your hands...<br /><br />L<br />
thats a very valid point<br />

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