Simple Tips to Speed up Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Step 11: Tip #5: Turn off Start-up Programs (cont.)

Picture of Tip #5: Turn off Start-up Programs (cont.)
Now after selecting the 'Startup' tab you will see a list of all of the tools and programs that startup when you turn your computer on. To stop one from starting simply uncheck the checkbox next to the program. However, you should be careful again when selecting items you do not recognize. I sometimes find it helpful to take the startup item name and search it on to see what it is and if I need it. There are sites out there such as that will tell you if you need a program for your computer to function normally.

Once you are finished unselecting all unnecessary programs, select 'Ok,' and it will prompt you to restart your computer; select 'Yes/Ok'.

You're done! Enjoy a faster more powerful computer!

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