This Doll is easy to make and tons of fun for kids, because it thier design.  You can make animals, people, robots whatever you and your toddler can imagine.

Step 1: Toddler Doll

Step 1: Materials
  • Select a thick, printed toddler shirt.
  • Create a pattern that fits your shirt, human, animal or robot.
  • Let your child draw the dolls features, eyes, nose mouth, clothes...

Step 2: Toddler Designed Doll

Step Two: Cutting and Sewing
  • Cut out pattern from paper
  • Trace pattern unto shirt, two times fron and back. (save pattern)

Step 3:

Step Three: Cutting and Sewing
  • Cut out pattern from shirt
  • Place rightsides together and sew doll edges together, leave a 1 inch opening
  • Turn fabric right side out through opening.

Step 4: Toddler Designed Doll

Step 4: Decorating
  • Now take your childs doll drawing and transfer features onto doll using either cloth patches or a fabric pen.
  • The important thing is that you copy your childs drawing exactly.

Step 5:

Step 5: Stuffing and finishing
  • Stuff doll and sew opening shut.

Step 6:

Your done!

My Daughters reaction the her doll...." It's Beutiful!"
That is just so sweet, such a precious child.

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