As a dedicated sucker plucker, I like to grow my tomato plants tall.  The flimsy little tomato cages you get at the garden center have never appealed to me and staking them just seems too much work.  So I use concrete reinforcing welded mesh to create cages.  I can't claim the idea, as I saw it somewhere ages ago.  

The nice thing about the wire is that it's tall and sturdy, and has big enough holes to easily reach in and pull out the tomatos.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Pretty simple.  

Heavy duty wire cutters.  These are actually 8" bolt cutters from harbor freight.
Vice Grips
A nice big roll of welded wire mesh from your local hardware store.
Those wire grids are also great as a re-usable bean and squash trellises. And for those large peony bushes. Thanks for sharing.
My family has used "re-wire" since i was a baby for our tomato cages. I have a 3' high chain link fence around my garden area that i recycled. I just zip tied the cages to the fence this year. It worked great.
I've built cages the same way this year and what i did to keep the cages anchored was cut of the bottom horizontal pieces and then just pushed the remaining vertical pieces on the bottom into the ground.
Nice! That should keep those tomatoes from running away.
Love these - we would put these up in our garden when I was little. Much better than chicken wire.

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