Simple Toothbrush Life Hack


Introduction: Simple Toothbrush Life Hack

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Hopefully you've owned , or at least used, one of these at some point in your life. If you have, you'd know that toothbrush bristles tend to bend and spread out if you either brush too hard or have a really old toothbrush. We've always been told to replace a toothbrush regularly but, what if you could restore old bristles to look like new again?

Here's a simple life hack that will allow you to be EXTRA FRUGAL with your toothbrush. This hack will let you restore old, bent, toothbrush bristles to look almost new again.

I've decided to use a video in this instructable to illustrate the steps necessary to attempt this life hack yourself. Head over to step 1 to watch the video!

Step 1: Watch the Video

Simple toothbrush lifehack

Fllow along with this instructable by watching the video above or on my YouTube channel by clicking this link -

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    Ben Krasnow uses and electron microscope to zoom in to the surface of a new and used tooth brush for the super curious.

    I use an old toothbrush with a broken-off handle to clean my hearing aid dome at night. Snapping off the handle keeps me from trying to use it in my mouth---bleccccch!

    I like this idea for reusing toothbrushes for cleaning. Dentists recommend changing brushes regularly, not just to increase revenue for the manufacturer, but because of health concerns. They also recommend cleaning them regularly with peroxide. You should also change your toothbrush after any illness especially if you have a lowered or weak immune system. I also recommend storing your toothbrush cased and outside the bathroom to avoid collection of germs and fecal particles from the restroom.

    I did this sometime ago without realizing that you can use the brush to brush your teeth, instead I reused the restored brush to clean things in my home, thank you for showing me that I can reuse it to brush my teeth again and save some money since I go through toothbrushes like wildfire; well almost !

    Brilliant ;) My kids go through tooth brushes like they are going out of fashion so this will come in handy! Thanks.


    Thank you very much for this interesting idea. I've just one question: what temperature is the water?

    Thank you

    You beat me to it, I was gonna do an Instructable on this subject, so let me endorse your version right from the start. Brush manufacturers recommend replacement after the bristles splay and are no longer effective. Of course this enhanced revenue stream for them ignores the fact that the bristles can be heated into a plastic state and reformed to optimum configuration innumerable times. I had one that underwent at least 6 rejuvenations before I finally got tired of the handle color and just wanted a different one, nothing else wrong with it either. My method is to place the brush head down in a coffee cup and fill to just over the bristles. Wave it on high for about a minute, grab the bristles in a pair of flat nose tongs pinching them together and run under cold water to set the shape. The side benefit from this is you also sanitize the head as well, so it's a total win/ win.

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    Quite interesting. I had the same idea. You will only need to use the tongs for brushes with thicker bristles. Those tend to be a bit more stubborn and dont straighten up that easily. The cold water cooling does help but makes the bristles harder each time you heat and quench. It was a really stupidly simple discovery.