Simple Trainer RC Plane 'Nut Ball' From Scratch





Introduction: Simple Trainer RC Plane 'Nut Ball' From Scratch

Plans to get started are here .

1/2 inch EPS foam sheet
2 inch packing tape - any two colors
Xacto knife or hobby cutter
Marker pen, steel paper clips
White glue, 5 min epoxy, hot glue
bamboo sticks (~5-6 mm)
1 sheet of transparency
Sand block or sand paper (minimum grit)
Old credit cards
small strip of Velcro or double back tape

RC gear:
Minimum 3ch Transmitter and Receiver
std 9 gm servos
10 Amp ESC
2 cell or 3 cell LiPo battery
850kv CD Rom brushless motor
9x4.7 prop with prop saver/ adapter
Foam wheels or two 1 inch dia circles out of 5mm plywood

Pictures should speak the rest!!!



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    i want to build a plane can you help me please its very hard
    great place for all rc stuff. you can find beginners area for foamies. am really sorry I ve been away from rc stuff.

    Hi there.

    I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing the dimensions of this plane that you build. Also, the degree of the dihedral angel you used to connect the wings.

    My grandfather and I want to build this plane, we just need the specs.


    please follow this thread on RC Groups. Its all about Nutball.
    I made little changes according to material I have.
    Good Luck. Happy Flying :-)

    how much would it cost altogether to make the nutball


    Transmitter - $25 - $2000
    Motor - $10
    ESC - $8
    Props (5) - $4
    Foam - $1 (dollar tree foam board)
    Battery - $3
    Battery Charger - $20
    Connectors and misc - $5
    Total - $76 + shipping and whatnot (as a total beginner with no other equipment)
    Without Transmitter, Charger, and Connectors - $26

    Nice build, but there are a few things I see that can be done more efficiently.
    1) instead of cutting the wings separately, cut a disk and score the wing lines, fold them over a 1.5 inch surface and glue in the crack. this will give the correct dihedral without making messy cuts.
    2) don't use tape for color, too much weight. Use foam-safe paint.
    3)Thinner foam would be much more aerodynamic and easier to work with.

    Overall good. I like the paperclip bamboo pushrods and landing gear. very economical!

    dont you guys even read the editors comments. if you did you would see that he entered this in the pictures only contest.

    Building an airplane is difficult enough even with fully detailed instructions. Once your Wordless Workshop contest is over, please come back and fill in the details on this. One of the huge issues that would be difficult to address wordlessly would be finding and maintaining the center of gravity as you attach the various pieces.