Simple Trick to Get Your Battery Back to Life Again - Battery Restoration


Introduction: Simple Trick to Get Your Battery Back to Life Again - Battery Restoration

Did you ever consider the possibility of reconditioning car battery?

Car batteries can be expensive replacement parts. Depending on the make, model, and battery quality, expect to pay from $100 to $300 for a new one. However, many people are surprised to find out that there is an inexpensive alternative. Rather than buying a new battery, it is relatively easy to refurbish or recondition an existing one. Unlike other batteries, most car batteries allow access to the insides where the problem occurs. Even if the battery is 10 years old, with just a few steps, most people find they can return it to life. This process shown in the video can extend the battery life another five years or more.

Actually better way to recondition all types of batteries is: The Reconditioning Battery Program is a simple program that anyone can learn and use it to save money or potentially even help of friends and family as a result of the knowledge and experience that they gain. The program teaches individuals to collect up all the dead batteries from their home as well as from people in her neighborhood, friends and family and reuse them so that they may never have to buy batteries ever again. This program is truly saving people money and because they're able to actually bring batteries back to life again without the need for going to the store and buying an entirely new pack of batteries, they are getting more uses out of their electronic devices and enjoying a greater quality of life as a result.



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    i over charged my car battery it did not hold current what to do?

    Has anyone tried this but used Battery Acid... from an auto parts store...

    Apart from the fact that you provide a commercial link, which I consider spamming, you post bugus here!
    Epsom salt is a magnesium salt and will destroy the battery in no time at all.
    Sure you get a nice boost from the removal of sulfate build up but the acidiy wil be ruined and the electrolyte useless.

    The only way to restore a old lead acid battery goes like this:
    Bases on the size of a standard car battery you add 5ml of Phosphoric acid (rust remover is usually phosphoric acid but double check the label) per cell and then fill the cell with destilled water - no tap water, rain water or demineralised water.
    The phosphoric acid will remove the sulfate build up by a chemical process that turns the phosphoric acid into a salt plus a bit of water.
    For smaller batteries you 5ml while for truck or 4WD batteries you use more - or repeat the process after the next step:
    Once all cells are filled up the battery needs to be charged for about 3 days.
    Best to use a modern trickle charger or at least something with proper electronics to prevent overcharging and gassing.
    During the charging the sulfate on the battery plates is converted back to lead, so without charging it will take a long time in your car to do the same.

    Please keep in mind that this only works on physically fine batteries!!
    Use a flashlight and if you can see bulged plates, debris on the bottom or even holes in your plates then discard the battery.

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    That is a story, not data.

    "3 Batteries" is data, but it's incomplete data. '3 Batteries out of how many attempts' would be more useful data. Or 'he used this method on 5 batteries and got 3 he would consider working again.' Or something like: 'of the 3 times he tried it, he got 2 batteries working at 60% and 1 more battery working at 90%.' Those would be more useful to us, then just knowing he got 3 batteries to work, but it's still useful information.

    Exercise extreme caution with this tip! Salt and water creates a medium for the electrons to travel across but the by products are volatile. Hydrogen and chlorine gases will form. This is a great survival tip but I would advise against using it in your car unless you could care less if it's damaged! Hydrogen is extremely combustible and chlorine gases will affect your nervous system. Generally if you have 10+ volts available a long duration trickle charge would bring your battery back to life. If not then you have a dead cell. Thanks for the video!

    Hi friends I did it and it's working fine with Epsom salt now Iam in the 3rd week and car starting nicely :)

    Very cool, I'll have to check it out later. Thank you :)

    I can see y u r on here and not YouTube. I have no idea what your video was about I started falling asleep standing up And I could feel the vibes of 2am pyramid or real estate get rich quick schemes. I guess this site doesn't have a thumbs down on it?

    This sort of trick just does not work. Do not waste your time. Do not agree show some real data.

    Interesting trick. That could really save the day if your battery dies.