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HI every one.
I had a few energy drink cans in the kitchen and i was bored i had seen a video of turbine engine out of cans which was actually working. so i made this model i have never tested it i think it might work. soon I'll test it and put a video on instructables.


nitrocrawler95 (author)2009-12-31

when r u gonna post the vid. kewl project, i waz thinkin about somethin like that but i waz gonna use soup cans instead of pop cans for heat and strength reasons. what kind of fuel u gonna use, liquid, gas? how r the compresr and the turbin held to the axle?

kk khrab (author)nitrocrawler952010-05-28

thnx for the comment. Unfortunately i tasted this only twice i really didn't good result so it went into the bin, for fuel i used gas liter refills they are pretty good>>

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