Simple Turntable (manual)





Introduction: Simple Turntable (manual)

An extremely simple, but functional, turntable suitable for photography, crafting etc

Materials needed:

  1. Two identical plates (deep), lightweight, preferably made by hard plastic.
  2. An 1-3mm thick spacer (thickness depends oh the dishes shape) e.g. CD, DVD, coins, bracelets...
  3. Adhesive tape (optional).

Step 1: Setup

  • Place the 1st plate over a flat, stable surface.
  • You can stabilize the 1st plate using adhesive tape.
  • Rest the spacer over the 1st dish. The spacer should be a slick object in order to minimize friction between the two plates.
  • Place the 2nd plate
  • Done!

The stability of this setup depends of the plates shape an the spacers height. As shown in the cross section sketch, deep plates are the better solution. The spacer's height should be as small as possible but giving enough space for the plates not to be in contact at all.

At the top plate you can draw some marks to measure rotation.

That' s all, have fun!




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Really cool idea! Have you had a chance to use it yet?

Thanks! Of cource I did, the idea came as I unexpectadly needed a turntable to photograph an object 360 and it worked perfectly

That's awesome! I'd love to see an example picture!