This is the most simple USB  switch I could come up with. It doesn't require IC's or any other complex circuitry.
All it requires is:
One 4pdt switch
Two USB female ports
one USB cable
and a case
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Step 3: Test!

Make sure double check the wiring before testing!
It's a good Idea to test this before you put in the case, otherwise you might get all put together, plug in, and it doesn't work
Would this work in reverse? like, one female port and two male ports? I want to be able to switch mouse and keyboard between computers without using synergy

I would also like to know if this could work in reverse. If anyone has any insight into this, that'd be appreciated. I too would like to have a usb switch that can basically act as a switch between a USB hub and two different machines.

ahussain296 months ago

This usb switch solve my problem of plunging unplugging USB cables. I use tenda wifi usb router with USB adapter and power bank. With this switch I can keep my usb adaptor and power bank without unplugging and just switching on power failure. This usb switch will not use any energy so that I can save my battery life. USB switcher/hub available in the market have little circuit which consume power and I do not want to loose my power bank battery.

Wroger-Wroger8 months ago

I was thinking, this is a switch... but I was also observing that it is a total disconnect, rather than a switch per sae.

my way of thinking, simply disconnecting the black wire or earth wire,
should switch the device off - based upon it's power dependency.

pulled out my semi-???? defective Mbeat 7 port hub and after stripping
it and seeing it full of circuit boards and an IC and switches... all
very small, I decided to plug it in and just use that in series.

You see I have a newer IBM Model M keyboard and I think it has an issue between the motherboard and the keyboard.....

have to unplug it and plug it back in at boot up, but not at restart -
to get through the BIOS settings and into the OS start up...

And one or the other way, I have to unplug it and then plug it back in, to make the OS recognise it..

Hence the desire to throw in a press button switch, instead of plugging and unplugging the keyboard.

The USB contacts in the plugs do wear out... and I have no desire to do this.

The Mbeat 7 port switch, has 7 plugs and 7 connect / disconnect switches - so it should last at least 20,000 reboots...

I would be interested to see the results of someone using a SINGLE throw switch on just the Black Neg Earth connection.

sctirvn6872 years ago
Does this switch turn the two USB ports on and off or does it just switch between them? Would you use this instead of plugging in and unplugging cables? Thanks.
T_T_ (author)  sctirvn6872 years ago
this just switches between the two ports.
right now I don't use it, as I've upgraded my computer and have no shortage of ports, but it is much easier than unplugging the cables, especially if the ports are on the back.
T_T_ (author)  T_T_2 years ago
oh, and this particular switch can also turn off both ports