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Introduction: Make It - Utility Cart


This cart was inspired by my favorite artist, Tom Sachs. I've been a huge fan of his for years and can't help but be inspired by his work. He has his own space program and I think this piece, at the very least, would blend in with his amazing work. Click on his name back over there to be taken to his website so you can see how great it is.

Alright, enough man crushing over here, let's get on the the project. The cart is made from mostly 1/2" baltic birch plywood. I say mostly because the handle supports are cut from some scrap 3/4". I could have also doubled up the 1/2" plywood for those... just thought of that right now... oh well!. I painted the faces of the plywood with a matte linen white chalk paint made by Rustoleum after all the pieces were cut. I was very careful not get paint on the edges. I could have painted the full sheets before hand, but I don't like gumming up my table saw with paint residue. The handle is 1" aluminum tubing that I sanded lightly with 220 grit sandpaper to give a brushed look. The handle was super glued in place but that isn't shown in the video. Each side of the cart was glued together using biscuits and the frames, as well as the bottoms, were attached to each other with countersunk drywall screws. The caster wheels are roughly 5" tall with 4 1/4" wheels. Two rigid at the front and two swivels at the back. That makes the cart very easy to maneuver around, unless you're a 6 year old... trust me.

The stencil was cut out of 1/8" hardboard and I went with the older NASA logo since it's very stencil friendly. Don't be surprised if more things in my shop get tagged with the NASA worm! The brass serial number plate was the first time I tried cutting metal on the X-Carve and it worked great! I made up the serial number, but the other info is accurate. I don't know if NASA uses plates like this on any of their equipment. I made up the entire concept last minute because I thought it would bring it to the next level.


Titebond Glue -

Glue Bottle -

CA Glue -

That Router Bit -

Drywall Screws -

Caster Wheels -

Rustoleum Chalk Paint -

Red Paint -



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    Awesome. This reminds me a lot of a NASA themed storage cabinet that Adam Savage made a while back. Check it out if you haven't seen it.

    1 reply

    Very cool and well made. I had a college buddy who made a grey filling cabinet totally out of wood, sanded it really well and painted it grey…looked just like a metal cabinet.

    thanks for the Tom Sachs intro, I'm hooked!

    1 reply

    Tom is the man! I really recommend his 10 bullets video. I'd really appreciate a vote on any or all of the contests I got into if you feel so inclined!

    2',3',2.5' I think? Plans on my website!

    Loved this project!