The point of this soup is variation...the basic principle can be applied to make many different types of soups.

This particular time I made a blended carrot, squash, and zucchini soup.

Step 1: 1 - Choosing Your Variation

First you want to decide what type of variation you want to do.  

Below are a few variations but feel free to explore and try your own.

Mixed Veggie
 - Spices = 1 part Rosemary, 2 parts Thyme; Salt, .Pepper to taste; Parsley as a garnish or a topping
 - Liquid = Veggie or chicken stock
 - Veggies = A mixture of the following; squash, cauliflower, zucchini, carrots*, parsnip*, potatoes, sweet potatoes*, onions
 - Oil = I use sunflower or almond.

*If adding in parsnip, sweet potatoes or carrots you will get a slightly sweeter soup, which means you might also want to add in nutmeg, and paprika. 

 - Spices = 25% rosemary, 30% curry, 15% clove, 15% paprika, 15% nutmeg,
 - Liquid = water
 - Veggies = parsnip, and/or carrots.  The primary mixture in this should consist of carrots
 - Oil = I use coconut.

Potato and Cauliflower
- Spices = chives, parsley, thyme - to taste
- Liquid = water or chicken stock
- Veggies = Cauliflower and Potato
- Oil = Almond or sunflower

- Spices - This depends on how much veggie flavor you want to be in the finished product...
- Veggies/Liquid - this should be a 1:1 or 2:3 ratio with the veggies.  (Liquid:Veggies)
- Oil - Just enough to coat the veggies with

Slipstream soup! I love it! The easy variability is a great big plus in my eyes.

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