A professor showed this to me in a ceramics studio. We set it up on a potter's wheel as a demo to learn how to center a piece and it was a fun day indeed. I later showed this to my 3 year old cousin and she flipped out.

What you will need:
1. An old record. (One that you don't mind scratching.)
2. An empty cottage cheese / yogurt container
3. One sewing pin
4. A way to spin the record. I am just using a pencil and spinning it with one hand while holding it in place with the other. This way takes two people but a "lazy susan", hand drill set up, or bearings make it easier.

Step 1: Make the Speaker

Make sure that the container is clean and then poke the pin through the center.
<p>That's not a vinyl record. It's an easily breakable 78 rpm shellac record which were mainly 10&quot; or 12&quot;. </p><p>Vinyl records spin at 33.3 or 45 rpm and were 7&quot;, 10&quot;, or 12&quot;.</p><p>However 78s were meant to take the brunt of steel needles on phonographs whereas softer microgroove vinyl records were not. </p>
<p>What?!?!</p><p>I don't believe it! Video please ! :)</p>
<p>This is a sharp idea!</p>

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