Introduction: Simple Washi Tape Pencils

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Ok, I'm going with something simple. Making WASHI TAPE pencils is simple, like making chocolate mud cake!

You will need:

-Washi Tape (if you don't have any go to your nearest 'officeworks' or craft store

Step 1: Cutting Strips

Picture of Cutting Strips

Get your Washi Tape and cut strips of the width of your pencil. Using your scissors: cut the strips of one by one and start to go all the way to the end of the pencil.

Step 2: Done!

There you have your own Washi tape creative and stylish pencil to use!


-moonglade (author)2016-08-27

Turns out great!

Mikaya ☞ (author)2014-09-01

Thanks for the views and thanks for the favourite

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