Introduction: Simple Way to Booby Trap a Box of Cereal!

As the title says, just watch the video and see how is done, you'll be able to execute this prank easily!


ninjasamurai (author)2012-02-02

My expression, "Hahaha...... my ceareal.... ha.. noooooo! My ceareal is GONE... whoever did this will pay... WITH THEIR LIFE!!" I don't take pranks well but great idea... teehee :)

Frivolous Engineering (author)2010-04-30

This is how cereal killers are made...

lol rofl lmfao not funny :|

Saturn V (author)seabananers2010-09-18

If it's not funny, why were you laughing so much?

seabananers (author)Saturn V2010-09-19


spectacular (author)seabananers2010-12-12

Sarcasm is the highest form of wit =)

dovehunter2 (author)spectacular2011-12-22

Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence :)
- Author unknown

RadioactiveBees (author)2011-09-03

Problem is, some people take the bag out before pouring... maybe you could tape or sew the bag to the bottom :P

Xthinker (author)2011-03-31

You could do this with milk!

thing 2 (author)Xthinker2011-07-04

Killing two actions with one movement!

Plo Koon (author)2011-04-22

It's smart, but it's mean.

R0B0T5_R0CK (author)2011-02-19

darn those meddling cereal box trapper people, they are not worthy of my cereal!

wibrle (author)2010-04-29

Nice prank m8, but now I'm paranoid someone will do this to me... No one better be messing with my Caption Crunch <_< >_> lol

mr.noris (author)wibrle2010-10-25

no one can mess with caption crunch his hit man count chocula will kill them

Skwaab (author)mr.noris2010-12-31

"caption" crunch?

Jesus, i'm English and even i know its "cap'n" crunch

Hehehe Caption crunch

NatNoBrains (author)2010-11-24

lol I'm trying that on 1st April

gagfilms (author)2010-04-29 funny!

greeenpro (author)2010-04-29

I would be so freaked out by this....and then pissed.  haha.

Tomboys (author)2010-04-29

Keep em coming.

LUCCHINA (author)2010-04-29

Quelle Imagination !!!

ChappyShowcase (author)2010-04-29

 This is another great idea man.

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