Simple Way to Booby Trap a Box of Cereal!


Introduction: Simple Way to Booby Trap a Box of Cereal!

As the title says, just watch the video and see how is done, you'll be able to execute this prank easily!



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    My expression, "Hahaha...... my ceareal.... ha.. noooooo! My ceareal is GONE... whoever did this will pay... WITH THEIR LIFE!!" I don't take pranks well but great idea... teehee :)

    Problem is, some people take the bag out before pouring... maybe you could tape or sew the bag to the bottom :P

    darn those meddling cereal box trapper people, they are not worthy of my cereal!

    Nice prank m8, but now I'm paranoid someone will do this to me... No one better be messing with my Caption Crunch <_< >_> lol

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    no one can mess with caption crunch his hit man count chocula will kill them

    "caption" crunch?

    Jesus, i'm English and even i know its "cap'n" crunch

    Hehehe Caption crunch

    I would be so freaked out by this....and then pissed.  haha.