Simple prank to make it look like someone "wet the bed" All you need is:
>Ziplock bag (cannot use zipper  ziplock)
>VICTIM's bed

Step 1: Construct the Prank

Take the Ziplock and fill it with water. If you use a double seal bag then cut off the first seal.
<p>Hubby's Air force buddies tried it on him. It didn't work; doesn't work on everybody. </p>
Does putting their hand in warm water actually make them wet the bed?
the mythbusters tested it and it doesn't<br>
A friend of mine did it an it worked.
wow then i have to try that thanx, i guess the mythbusters aren't right about everything :(
I'm just to chicken to try myself.
you really should try it for yourself and post the results on this instructable<br>
i understand, mainly because i dont think i will ever do this

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