Step 6: First Proofing

Bread needs some time to rest and develop all it's goodness. This is called proofing.

- Form in a round ball and place in a oiled bowl.
- Cover with a cloth or plastic wrap.
- Let rest for 1h or doubled in size
The perfect intro to breadmaking!
What happens i add eggs <br>
What happens i add eggs <br>
Nice and simple. Tried it but I used milk instead of water. I suggest use washes to give it a darker color.
These look awesome. I'll have to try them.
I would like to taste your breads. They are really perfect.
They all look so tasty...<br><br>After that first instructable of yours I already decided, that I definitely should try baking some bread. And now after seeing those golden brown loaves, I really can't procrastinate any longer. To the kitchen! Right this instant!
Thanks for your kind comment! <br><br>Let us know how your bread turns out!
I will. First proofing currently going on.
Finished!<br><br>Winter time -&gt; colder than normal kitchen -&gt; the dough didn't rise as much as I would have hoped, but I won't let that bother me. Easy to follow instructable with great results!<br><br>Just a few more minutes of cooling and I can finally get a bite. Can't wait...
Nice breads ! They look tasty with all those seeds on top!
Simple and Beautiful. I love it.<br><br>One suggestion for step 11: Make loaves a bit smaller and then wrap cooked Sausage links, cheese, and other goodness in the bread at the third rest period. It makes the best breakfast sandwiches.

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