Simple Wifi Booster





Introduction: Simple Wifi Booster

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need
•super glue
•old antenna ( 2 if you want )
• 12 in. Long by 1 1/2 inch wide piece of wood
•And a drill

Step 2: Now You're Ready to Construct

Drill a hole in the center of the board big enough to tightly fit you're antenna.
Now once the hole is drilled put you're super glue on the antenna and inside the hole.
Push you're antenna in make sure it's a nice tight fit. If you want to add another antenna repeat these steps but play it anywhere you want.

Step 3: Test It Out

Put it behind you're laptop/desktop and pull out the extendible arms. Now enjoy you're PC games! I went from getting no wifi in the garage to getting 3 bars in the garage.



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    Great idea.. Definitely going to try it out.. Think it will work with cell phone.. Don't know too much of this.. Trying to get better wifi range.. Version sent me 3 modern /router's before sending da right one and their not getting them back

    I found it quite easy to make. I found a twin antenna like yours and, after playing with different connections, found the 2 wires worked better on the active part of the original wi-fi antenna's. Great and simple 'ibble.

    To repeat Rimar's question, where did you plug it in? You have two wires coming from the antenna. Then what?

    At01 with all due respect if you don't believe it you should try it before you run you're mouth. Thanks.

    I do not understand how this work


    riiight, so this works for you....

    Or if you want to get more technical take the rubber/plastic cover of the antenna on wifi box and tape it to the copper wire.

    No you do not have to plug it in just set the laptop or desktop on the cords. I mad this because I refused to pay 60-140 bucks for a booster

    Where did you plug it?