Simple Wire-Wrapped Sea-Shell Pendant





Introduction: Simple Wire-Wrapped Sea-Shell Pendant

I found a bundle of craft wire lying around in my house and was thinking of what to do with it. So I decided to make a wire-wrapped pendant. This pendant is actually very easy to make, you could even make one in less than 10 minutes.

Step 1: Materials & Tools:


  • A sea-shell (like in the picture)
  • A wire


  • Pliers

Step 2: Wrapping:

Start by making a small loop at the end of the wire. This loop will be connected to a jump ring.

Put the wire between the gap (like in picture 2). Hold the shell and the looped-end of the wire with one hand, hold the wire with the other hand and start wrapping it around (wrap it like in the pictures). I wrapped mine 4 times. You can wrap it as many times as you want.

Step 3: Final Wrapping:

After you've done wrapping the shell, wrap the neck of the loop about 4-5 times or as many as you want.

Cut the wire from the bundle and you are done!

Step 4: Done:

After you're done, you can now attach the pendant to a chain or a cord to complete the necklace.

Thank you for reading this instructable and good luck on making your pendants.



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    Looks like you could do a little beading on the wires if you liked. Pretty!