Simple Wireless Outlet Remote to Ardunio to Serial (for home automation)

Picture of Simple Wireless Outlet Remote to Ardunio to Serial (for home automation)
I found an old Kambrook Wireless Outlet set, which consisted of 3 wireless outlet and a wireless 433mhz remote, and wanted to 'automate' my room.

While I could have tried to reverse engineered the wireless protocol, I decided that since I am not likely to use more than 5 wireless outlet at this stage, I could simply just interface directly with the buttons itself (and ignore the channel selectors). If I was going to do the entire house, I would get a proper x10 system (or a centrally wired system if renovating)

This is not a full on tutorial, rather it is a general outline/guideline so you could have an easier time approaching similar projects. Code will be included in last page.

That being said, to do this, you are recommended to have access to these parts:

An arduino (or a microcontroller of your choice with UART)
A supply of resistors (for pulling down the mosfet)
A supply of N-Channel Mosfet 2N700
Lots of thin wires (preferably a AWG30 wire)

Note: I was lucky that I could power the remote using 5v (even though it said it required 12v). Depending on your model, you may or may not be able to do this.
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