Introduction: Simple Wireless Remote for Robot

This is simple 4 channel remote control for controlling two DC motors in reverse and forward direction.

Step 1: Design Transmitter

Transmitter is constructed using HT12E Encoder, 433MHz Wireless module and Switches.

Step 2: Design Receiver

Receiver is constructed using HT12D decoder, Wireless 433MHz RF Module, L293D Motor driver and few other components.

Step 3: Construct the PCB

As per given PCB layout design the pcb and assemble components

PCB Layout Download

Making wireless control for robot requires microcontroller knowledge, but here we have presented wireless RF remote control for robot using HT12D and HT12E Encoder decoder IC without using microcontroller.
The circuit is constructed in two parts first part is RF Transmitter i.e. remote control. RF Remote control is based on HT12E Encoder and Switches to control the motor direction forward and reverse. Complete tested pcb layout and circuit is provided here for simplicity. you can use any RF Module 433MHz or 315MHz. Receiver is constructed using HT12D decoder and L293D Motor driver IC This circuit takes 12V as input and motor connections are mentioned on PCB connector. one diode is provided on both Receiver and Transmitter circuit for reverse polarity protection, Remote circuit can be operated using 9V Battery.

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